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Abstract Kotel Pastels

Abstract Kotel Pastels

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Title: Abstract Kotel Pastels
Medium: Acrylic and Gold Leaf Embellishments on Canvas Print
Hand Signed: Yes
Dimensions: 60x34" inch  150x85 cm

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Shalosh Regalim saw a sea of people flooding the city of Jerusalem, carrying their priestly gifts. The air pulsed with joy as the energy reached a thrice-yearly crescendo. The city was awash in vibrant colors, a deep purity and exalted merriness danced through the streets, diving straight into the souls of all who experienced it.

This is an absolutely spontaneous, vibrant and unique painting of the western wall. Blues, magenta, green purple white and neutrals, and metallic gold leaf. This piece is just gorgeous!

Colors: White, blue, magenta, green, yellow ochre, purple and gold. Gold leaf is added very gently in between the stones, in the sky and on some abstract figures

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