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Rachels' tomb So Tranquil Tomb Of The Matriarch Original 23.5x13.5x1 inch

Rachels' tomb So Tranquil Tomb Of The Matriarch Original 23.5x13.5x1 inch

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Kever Rachel -Rachels' Tomb So Tranquil Tomb Of The Matriarch

Acrylic on canvas, gold leaf, texture, brushes and palette knife.  

23.5x13.5x1 inch 60x35 cm

A sense of breathtaking beauty, creating a luxurious feel to this magical mother Rachel.

Wouldn't your heart beat if you were really walking on this path, leading to Kever Rachel? Go back in history a thousand years and actually have a chance to connect? This painting I created a few days after visiting. Just decided to create this to remember that feeling. .
Its like Jewelry on the wall of Kever Rachel as the mother of our nation deserves. Stunning, elegant and subtle. 

This painting will make an inspiring addition to your interior. Fill your home with positive energy and protection. 

Colors: blue, turquoise, lavender beige, white &  gold.

Print can be cropped, colors can be muted, more vivid or changed - contact for special requests. 

100%  satisfaction is always my goal, therefore, I am happy to answer any question you may have. Feel free to contact me here from this page via WhatsApp.

Frame not included

You will get a high quality print on canvas called Giclee.

What is a Giclee Print? So first we scan the art, then spend hours fixing the colors to match the original. The Giclee print captures every brush stroke, every texture created during the painting process and is able to transfer that onto canvas. So You get a print that has the very close look as original but when you run your fingers over it - you do not feel the texture. You can only see it.

Free shipping worldwide. Ships safely from door to door with insurance - rolled in a tube. You will get tracking number and link to track status of the package. You can get it stretched in your local framing store as per your choice. 

If you choose to receive the art stretched or framed ready to hang - please contact for extra pricing.

Want to upgrade  to a custom made art? Please contact. I will look at your home design and color scheme through photos and interview you about what you liked from her collections. I will listen to get a deeper understanding of what you want to accomplish in the art through your stories. Then create beautiful CUSTOM MADE painting to order. It will capture your memories, add value to your life and match your décor exactly.

I'm here to help you! Feel free to ask any question, anytime.

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