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Title: " Tree Of Life "
Acrylic, palette knife & gold leaf on high quality canvas.
Size: 47.5 x 27x 1 inch
Style: Contemporary, Expressionism, Modern, Inspiration, Judaica,


Trees of Life. Inspiring painting for a calm, relaxing elegant space. The beauty of this painting is that you can find in it any meaning that you relate to. Here are some of what I thought as this piece of art was created. The trees are in Jerusalem, Har Hamoria where God blessed Avraham Avinu 'Bakol'. The trees symbol the connection to our generations with deep roots till 3 Fathers and 4 mothers of our Jewish nation. I added gold leaf on the trees as a point of interest. They are like the fruits on the trees, our children and the next generations. As a family tree. 
Which tree assembles your family? Can you see Jerusalem walls in the backgrounds? .


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Tree of Life