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The Story Behind This Painting:


This painting was sold and is in private collection. I can recreat it by order. Each recreation will be slightly different from the original. I was inspired by the drawing by Henry A Harper


If you're looking to add a punch of energy to your space, then this piece is perfect. The people, the market, the life in Jerusalem, so much going on there then and today, just bring it in your space!

The orange and blues in the painting are complementary colors and create a stunning vibrant space full of warmth.


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שם התמונה : "עם בוא החג"
טכניקה: תבליט עם צבעי שמן על קנבס

גודל התמונה: 65 X 50
תאור התמונה:  שוק נלהב בטרם כניסת החג.
מקור ההשראה לתמונה : ________________________________
יש משהו קסום בהמולת הרחוב, בפעילות האנשים ובאינטראקציה המאוד מיוחדת המאפיינת את ה"רגע לפני" שנכנס החג , השוק כנקודת מפגש אנושי המציע חוויה ססגונית של ריחות, טעמים, מראות וקולות המאפיינים
את אותן שעות ספורות לפני כניסת החג.


Jerusalem Market

  • I am an American Jewish artist. As a child. I lived in New York my parents had a dream - to move to Israel. My mother loved drawing, her talents and passion influenced me as I loved, respected and admired her very much. My father was a student in university finishing his doctor degree. There was more than just an art talent in my family,

    As Unrealistic, it seemed. I grew up helping my parents turn their dream into reality. There was no money, but we knew it would happen. I sold lemonade and chocolate chip cookies to passing people on our street saving money to immigrate.

    One day - it happened - We Immigrated.  It was an unreal dream that came true. I grew up with strong emotions that dreams could come true. I feel that paintings have a role in making dreams come true.

      Paintings can look realistic but once you get closer - its fantasy, there is no reality in a painting.  By adding bass relief, high texture and sculpture techniques, I feel how unreal takes shape and form. The sculpted scenes become real, enter your life, into your home. You see it on the wall. You have it even though its not physically there.

    The real stones, the mountains, ancient biblical walls - all in the fingertips of your hand.

    The longing for the Land of Israel, the immigration, the longed-for poetry of Jerusalem of gold, the stories of the Bible.

    All this expresses even a little understanding of the dream of being in the Land of Israel.


    I sometimes go back in time and think of all the people that love Israel, have a dream to come but cannot do it; I understand their feelings, and emotions. Each of my artwork - as I sculpt, relief, add original stones, sculpt the mountains, and add color and depth. At every stroke, I think how art can fill the gaps of dreams.

    It's my shout - to express the reality - Dreams DO come true!!!

    I am Influenced by the lithographic works of the Scottish painter David Roberts 1839, who painted a series of paintings of the Land of Israel during a tour in Israel. And inspired by artist Henry A Harper 19th century engravings.

    I add power to their art and bring them to life by combining the relief technique that was used on classical Roman and Greek structures.

    Medium:  Modern art, a combination of Bass Relief and oil painting on canvas