©2019 by G. Tal - Gitty Fuchs


Oil & Acrylic, textured palette knife.

47*27" (120x60cm)

Artist Gitty Fuchs. Ships worldwide.


A painting rich in metallic colors, the contrast between the Kotel and the people coming to pray evokes emotions, viewer can see himself in the painting at those preciouse moments standing by the Kotel.


The sky has movement, you can see fine brush strokes like a Menorah, the light coming out from the center as we know Jerusalem is the center of light for the entire world. 'Yerushalayim Oro Shel Olam'.


This painting is another one in a collection. All the bottom canvases are with reflection as the Holy City is pure  and is reflected, as we know there are 2 Jerusalems. 'Yerushalyim Shel Ma'alah V'matah'.


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 Every painting has a home, I pray for the best and hope my paintings bring peace, love and health for everyone. .


Jerusalem In Copper