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 Acrylic, textured palette knife Gold Leaf

Artist Gitty Fuchs. Ships worldwide.


Surprise your family with a Jerusalem stunning abstract painting, bring more light and love onto your home.

Jerusalem In deep blue, creame and gold leaf along with gentle beautiful texture for the Kotel stones.

A painting inspired by late hours at the Kotel,  Have you ever been there?


The sky has movement, in close look you can see fine brush strokes. The gold descending from above indicates the power og god to fulfill our prayers and wishes as he blessed Avraham.



This is the story behind... 


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 Every painting has a home, I pray for the best and hope my paintings bring peace, love and health for everyone. .


Interior Art_blue_gold_large_soft_painting_oil_acrylic_large_big_jerusalem_artist

blue and gold textured Contemporary Jerusalem Painting to match a lifestyle passion. 

Midnight At The Kotel