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My Story

I'm an American artist living in Israel, specializing in oil, acrylic and bass relief works, using colors that bring strength, energy and joy to life by complementing each other into a perfect harmony. Today my paintings are full of texture. Sometimes flat with palette knife, and sometimes raised as bass relief on canvas, so that your fingers can touch and feel something of the reality. I usually paint and sculpt Jerusalem enabling my collectors to touch the walls, the stones, the people and to walk these magnificent streets, allowing you to brings the Holy Land into your home and adding an atmosphere of fulfillment, calmness, pleasantness and spirituality, the same emotions that arises every time I paint. My passion is to paint and through my painting to help my collectors lives happier, more meaningful and that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

I am mostly a self-taught artist, inspired by my mom who was always crafty and fun, and I've inherited that from her, along with her Zionist love to Israel, which led us to immigrate to Israel when I was just 8 years old. My Mother used to spend hours painting with me and my siblings, purchased old masters' books from art shops, museums and libraries, which allowed me to spend countless hours looking at works by some of the most important artists in history, such as Renoir, Monet, Picasso, Dali, Rembrandt and even Renaissance painters. As a young artist, I visited many museums to be able to view and absorb the feelings of the art and continued learning from artists and teachers in art academies in Europe and Russia.

As an artist I see myself constantly painting, I have so many ideas and I want to paint them all. Being able to show and sell my art is always an honor, I love the ability to create art and tell the story of the paintings which I believe gives it an entirely different dimension. I am thankful for the many many collectors from Israel and abroad who collects my works and the Interior designers who finds that my artwork creates a focal point in a space, bring out the accent colors, bring a sense of texture and make the room appear majestic. I believe that in every person there is a love for the art – sometimes you just need someone to light it up, so prepare yourself for a change.

On a personal note I have five beautiful children and an incredible husband whom I love with everything I have. My children are all creative in their own ways. My girls tend to have talent in creating wedding videos and one of my daughters works in Intel Corp, as a Computer engineer. My youngest son loves painting and won’t mind doing that all day (he is busy creating his first collection!).

I have to say though that I am especially thankful for my loving husband who has made my success as an artist possible! He has always supported and believed in me and I wouldn't have the success I have today without him. Thank you, Sweetie...

Speaking of success...Back to my art career! I am an internationally collected artist with paintings in corporate and private collections across the globe. I am a true believer that what draws people to art is the passion you put into it. Thank you for your interest in my art and for seeing my passion! It is my collectors that truly allow me to be living the dream...