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Gitty Fuchs Artist Bio

Born in 1974, New York, lives and works in Haifa, Israel.

Artist Education

2010-2020 Private sessions with Artist Sergey Sachenko

2017 Private study with Rembrandt Artist Sergey Gusev
2006 Graduated with honors from the Gur School of Bnei Brak
2006 Private study with Artist Uzi Uziel,
2004-2006 Private study with Boris Hankin,
2005 Private study with the Artist Ganadi Latinski,
1992-1994 Private study with Artist Shmuel Lam
1990-1992 Private study with the painter Leon Philippe
1990 Graphic studies and graduation certificate
1984-1989 drawing lessons local Artists


2018 Art lessons at Israely Agency in Haifa
2016-2018 Art lessons by the Ministry of Culture
1999-2007 Painting and art training course from the Ministry of Education

Group Exhibitions

The Haifa Theater
2006 Exhibition at the Gallery, David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv.
Beit Chagall Haifa
Krieger Center for the Performing Arts - Haifa
Gerard Behar Center, Jerusalem
Haifa Learning Center

Solo exhibitions

2018 Haifa Theater
2017 Haifa community Center

2016 Haifa Theater

2015 Haifa Theater

2014 Haifa Theater

2013 Haifa Theater

2012 Haifa Theater
Regency NY- Private Home 2007
Catskills Restaurant Gallery 2006
2004 Art teachers' Learning Center - Haifa, participation of the City Mayor

Exhibitions I curated

The Haifa Theater
The Haifa Theater
The Haifa Theater
Haifa Theater
The Haifa Theater
Haifa Theater
The Haifa Theater
Haifa Theater
Haifa Theater
Exhibition of Kfar Uriya, curator Dr. Nurit Bank - Narkis


Future Exhibitions

June, Art Shelter Gallery in Jerusalem
2018 July, מתנס רכסים 'My Life in 3D'


2007 Prize won the Haifa Artists Award


2007 "The Annual Exhibition 2007", edited by Leah Avni, Artist and Sculptors Association in Israel, Haifa and the North


2011 Joint article in Hamodia newspaper
2010 newspaper article velvet

Works are available in private collections in Israel and abroad