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Gitty fuchs

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Welcome to my exclusive gallery,

I am Gitty Fuchs,
Make yourself comfortable, and browse through my exclusive art.  

I'm Extremely passionate to paint happy paintings that make every space meaningful and pleseant.

So if you see something you like and want it, or a simular one just text me and I'll take care of it. 


I'm an American artist living in Israel, an oil, acrylic painter and bass relief artist specializing in what I call Creating Your Vision.  

I discovered the secret - Law Of Attraction: thoughts create reality as a child when my parents' vision came true: They had a passion to move to Israel. They had a complete image of their vision, A few years later our family immegrated to Israel when I was just 8 yrs old. There was tremendous excitement.

An atmosphere of fulfillment, calmness, pleasantness and spirituality.

Those same emotions arise every time I paint and when I'm around the paintings.

I usually paint and sculpt Jerusalem enabling to touch the walls, stones, the Holy Land, a desirable place and the city that was most conquered in history.

When such an artwork hangs on the wall, it brings the Holy Land into space even if you are not physically there.

Colors give me strength, energy and joy to life.

Today my paintings are full of texture. Sometimes flat with palette knife, and sometimes raised as bass relief on canvas. So that your fingers can touch and feel something of the reality.

I paint with contrast colors that complement each other in harmony.

I helped thousands of people in Israel and abroad create their dream through art .

My vision is inspire others, live the life they deserve in Divine Providence have happiness, love and peace.

While you're here, bookmark this page so you can come back often.  I will be updating it regularly with new pieces as well as new exhibition schedules.

Before you leave, send me an email  with any comments you may have.  If you include your  Whatsapp number, I will send you my 2018 Digital Catalogue so you will have it on the go.


I work with Interior Designers,  keep up with design trends and create art that works well with the current styles. I help them find the best artwork that will create a focal point in a space, bring out the accent colors, bring a sense of texture and make the room appear finished.

Paintings that make a huge impact. 

Being able to show and sell my art is always an honor, I love being able to create art on canvas, sign and tell the story of the painting which I believe gives it an entirely different dimension. 


I believe people can live the life they want, create it by having beautiful meaningful paintings. In 2014, I launched a series of artist videos, giving art lovers an exclusive glimpse into my drawing process, some of those videos have been viewed on You Tube nearly 20 million times.

The response I've recieved has just been phenomenal, Amazing paintings that anyone can find their own meaningful message behind.

It's my passion to help people with my art. My entire goal is to change and make other people lives more happy, more meaningful and this website is one of the adventures on my journey path to fulfil my goal!  Thats what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

I am 90% a self taught artist, My mom was always crafty and fun, and I've inherited that from her... along with her zionist love to Israel.  She used to spend hours painting with me and my siblings, purchased old masters' books from art shops, museums and libraries, I spent countless hours looking at works of some of the most famous artists in history. including Renoir, Claud Moneh, Picasso, Dali, Rembrandt,  Reniasance paintings. I went to museums to see, and get the feelings of the art. I continued learning from artists that taught in the past in art academies in Europe and Russia. 

"When I decided to share my knowledge internationally and filmed hundreds of art lessons in various categories, some of the feedback I've got from nearly 24 million  people that have seen my videos say that my art has an incredible ability to express meaningful fun, enjoyable art that touches the soul.

  " I believe that in every person there is a love to art – sometimes you just need someone to light it up! … prepare yourself for a change…!"

As an artist I see myself constantly painting, I have so many ideas and I want to paint them all.

On a personal note I have five beautiful children and an incredible husband whom I love with everything I have. My children are all creative in their own ways. My girls tend to have talent in creating wedding videos one of my daughters works in Intel corp. as a Computer engineer my my younger son  loves painting and wont mind doing that all day(he is busy creating his first collection!)! 

I have to say though that I am especially thankful for my loving husband who has made my success as an artist possible! He has always supported and believed in me and I wouldn't have the success I have today without him. Thank you sweetie....

Speaking of success.... Back to my art career! I am an internationally collected artist with paintings in corporate and private collections all across the globe. I am a true believer that what draws people to art is the passion you put into it. Thank you for your interest in my art and for seeing my passion! It is my clients that truly allow me to be living the dream.......

Gitty Fuchs

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